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Showcase season at Flight Path Theatre Marrickville , March 2021

There was a whisper of a chance, as we emerged from the inferno, heartbreak and lockdown which was 2020, that we could get 'Wild Thing' on to the stage.

We took it.

January saw us rehearsing at NIDA , one of the most rewarding rehearsal periods of my career. Not only because it was thrilling to produce and new play, but because the cast and creatives I had in front of me made that magic mix of a perfect company. It was a great room to be in. We laughed SO much , and argued SO hard (the way actors , writers and directors do) for the moments we loved and the characters integrity.

Our director Kim Hardwick, with whom I'd worked several times before in "Love Song" at the Darlinghurst Theatre, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" for Sport for Jove, and "The Shifting Heart" for White Box Theatre at Seymour, brought a rigor to the storytelling which gave us all a drama amongst the hilarity.

(Lisa Tomasetti has captured some moments for you.)

All we needed now was an audience. March 2nd -21st at Flight Path Theatre.

(50% capacity due to ongoing restrictions, but we could open!)

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